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16/08/2022 Prof. Hiroshi Yoshikawa   Crystallization Control of Organic and Biological Materials by Laser Ablation

20/09/2022 Prof. Robert Pollice (The Netherlands - Prix 2020)

22/09/2022 Prof. Jeremy Luterbacher   Playing defense: reaction engineering solutions for biomass conversion and catalysis

29/09/2022 Prof. Pedro Gois   Discovery of New Platforms for Stimuli-Responsive Targeting Drug Conjugates

Inga Shybeka   Reversible Michael Acceptors and Naphthalenediimide-Polysulfanes for Thiol-Mediated Uptake

30/09/2022 Canwei MAO   Solid Contact Thin-Film Ion-Selective Membranes for Ion Transfer Voltammetry: Fundamental Studies and Applications

07/10/2022 Prof. Robert Pollice (The Netherlands - Prix 2020); Dr. Claudia Aloisi (France - Prix 2021); ANNULÉ: Prof. Philippe Schwaller (Suisse - Prix 2022)   Prix Schlaefli Laureates Symposium

10/10/2022 Prof. Khalid Salaita   --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED

18/10/2022 Dr Chan Cao   Introduction to Redox Titrations (teaching) / Single-Molecule Sensing and Sequencing with Nanopores (research)

Dr Klaus Eyer   Introduction to Determining Complex Stoichiometry by Molecular Spectroscopy (teaching) / Functional and Multi-Level Single-Cell Analysis – Novel Insights and Future Directions (research)

Dr Nako Nakatsuka   Introduction to Liquid-Liquid Extraction and Ion-Exchange (teaching) / DNA-Based Analytical Methodologies to Monitor Small Molecules in Complex Biofluids (research)

Dr Xiaojiang Xie   Introduction to Chelators and Complexometric Titrations (teaching) / Optical Bioanalytical Platforms Based on Polymeric Nanoprobes and Photoswitchable Compounds (research)

20/10/2022 Prof. Jérôme Waser   The Selectivity Challenge: From Inert Alkenes to Multifunctionalized Biomolecules

27/10/2022 Prof. Alessandro Moretto   Foldamers: when the structure guides the function

02/11/2022 Assoc. Prof. Simon CORRIE   Designing nanosensors for user-friendly detection modalities

03/11/2022 Prof. Kathrin Lang   Expanding the genetic code - new chemistries in living systems

08/11/2022 15 international leaders in the field of chemical biology    2022 International Symposium on Chemical Biology

11/11/2022 Dr Lukáš Palatinus   Howard Flack Crystallographic Lecture Series – Electron Crystallography

17/11/2022 Prof. Eric Meggers   Steering Asymmetric Catalysis with Metal-Centered Chirality

24/11/2022 Prof. Wiktor Szymanski   Photopharmacology: New tools, considerations and applications

28/11/2022 Prof. Chiara Cordero, Prof. Irene Chetschik   From Sensomics to AI smelling and Computer Vision: exploring the chemical sensory code of premium chocolate (Celebration 100+1 year of ScG)

29/11/2022 Dr Stefan Vuckovic   Transforming Applicability of Density Functional Theory Simulations of Complex Molecules

01/12/2022 Prof. Andreas Walther   DNA Nanosystems with Life-Like Traits

07/12/2022 Dr Jan Vogelsang   Photon correlation spectroscopy of mesoscopic nanoparticles

08/12/2022 Levente Juhasz   Quantification of the optical response of polydiacetylenes

Prof. Max G. Melchor   Unveiling cooperative effects and reaction mechanisms in bimetallic catalysis

26/01/2023 José Berrocal   Unknown Title

02/05/2023 Prof. David Nesbitt   A Physical Chemist in Search of Simplicity: From Interstellar Cosmochemistry to Single Molecule Biophysics

13/06/2023 Ass. Prof. Jeffrey E. Dick   Probing the Curious Chemistry in Micro- and Nanodroplets using Nanoelectrochemistry

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