Dr. Tatu Kumpulainen has relocated to the University of Jyväskylä (JYU), Finland, in October 2020 where he continues his research projects on excited-state proton transfer and related phenomena. Check out the new research group webpage for further details.

Our research is focused on detailed investigations of excited-state proton-transfer (ESPT) reactions in different media. In particular, we are interested in the dynamic effects of the environment on the ESPT reactions. Most of our research is carried out on “super” photoacids, compounds that are weak acids in their electronic ground-states but become extremely strong acids in their excited-state. In our work, we utilize several optical spectroscopic techniques and quantum chemical calculations to investigate both the ground and excited-state properties of photoacids and other solvatochromic dyes. Read more about our Research topics and check our latest Publications for further details.