• Spectroscopy and chemical bonding in transition metal complexes
    A. Hauser and C. Reber
    in "Structure and Bonding" Springer, 172 (2016), p291-312
    Keywords: transition metal complexes, spectroscopy , photophysics and photochemistry , high pressure , intersystem crossing , spin crossover , ultrafast methods
    DOI:10.1007/430_2015_195 | unige:89169 | Abstract | Article PDF
  • Light Induced Bistability in the 2D Coordination Network {[Fe(bbtr)3](BF4)2}: Wavelength-Selective Addressing of Molecular Spin States
    P. Chakraborty, S. Pillet, E.-E. Bendeif, C. Enachescu, R. Bronisz and A. Hauser
    Chemistry - A European Journal, 19 (34) (2013), p11418-11428
    Keywords: cooperative effects;iron;photoinduced bistability;photoswitching;spin crossover
    DOI:10.1002/chem.201301257 | unige:29524 | Abstract | Article PDF
  • Heteroleptic FeII Complexes of 2,2′-Biimidazole and Its Alkylated Derivatives: Spin-Crossover and Photomagnetic Behavior
    H.V. Phan, P. Chakraborty, M. Chen, Y.M. Calm, K. Kovnir, L.K. Keniley, J.M. Hoyt, E.S. Knowles, C. Besnard, M.W. Meisel, A. Hauser, C. Achim and M. Shatruk
    Chemistry - A European Journal, 18 (49) (2012), p15805-15815
    Keywords: iron complexes;LIESST effect;N ligands;photomagnetism;spin crossover
    DOI:10.1002/chem.201202045 | unige:24449 | Abstract | Article PDF
  • Cluster evolution in spin crossover systems observed in the frame of a mechano-elastic model
    C. Enachescu, M. Nishino, S. Miyashita, L. Stoleriu, A. Stancu and A. Hauser
    Europhysics Letters, 91 (2) (2010), p27003
    Keywords: Spin crossover, general studies of phase transitions, domain effects, magnetization curves, hysteresis
    DOI:10.1209/0295-5075/91/27003 | unige:14746
  • Assessment of Density Functionals for the High-Spin/Low-Spin Energy Difference in the Low-Spin Iron(II) Tris(2,2'-bipyridine) Complex
    L.M. Lawson Daku, A. Vargas, A. Hauser, A. Fouqueau and M.E. Casida
    ChemPhysChem, 6 (7) (2005), p1393-1410
    Keywords: density functional calculations; iron(II) complexes; time-resolved spectroscopy; high-spin->low-spin relaxation; spin crossover
    DOI:10.1002/cphc.200400584 | unige:3621 | Abstract | Article HTML | Article PDF
  • Ligand-field theoretical considerations
    A. Hauser
    in "Topics in Current Chemistry, Spincrossover in Transition Metal Compounds, Vol I" (eds P. Gütlich, H. A. Goodwin), Springer, Berlin, 233 (2004), p49-58
    Keywords: spin crossover ; ligand field theory ; optical properties ; vibronic structure ; configurational coordinate
    DOI:10.1007/b40394-9 | unige:3942
  • Cobalt(II)-tris-2,2'-bipyridine as a Spin-Crossover Complex: Evidence for Cooperative Effects in Three-Dimensional Oxalate Networks
    M. Zerara and A. Hauser
    ChemPhysChem, 5 (3) (2004), p395-399
    Keywords: cooperative effects; host-guest systems; magnetic properties; spin crossover; X-ray diffraction
    DOI:10.1002/cphc.200301044 | unige:3257 | Abstract | Article HTML | Article PDF



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