How to get to the School


The airport is less than 4km far from Geneva center. Get your free ticket from a ticket machine in the baggage area.

This ticket will allow you to travel in Geneva during 80 minutes by train, tramway or bus ( Free ticket at the arrival ).

From the airport to Geneva main station by train :

There are regular trains from the airport to the Geneva train station (Cornavin). All the trains stop at Cornavin station. From the train station to Sciences II, see below.

From the airport to Sciences II by bus

(the bus stop is at the check-in level) :

Take the Bus line 5 or 10 and change at "Bel-Air"

From Bel-Air bus stop, take the bus 19 (to Onex-Cité) or 2 (to Onex-Cité), exit at bus stop "Sainte- Clotilde" and walk few minutes to Sciences II.


There are several options:

  1. Take the bus 1 (to Petit-Bel-Air) in front of the station, direction Petit-Bel-Air, exit at bus stop "Ecole-Médecine" and walk a few minutes to Sciences II.
  2. Walk 5 minutes until bus stop "Coutance" and take the bus 19 (to Onex-Cité) and exit at bus stop "Sainte-Clotilde".
  3. Take the tramway 14 (to P+R Bernex), exit at tramway stop "Jonction" and walk a few minutes to Sciences II.


From the A1 motorway, follow "Genève-La Praille" until the end of the motorway (Jonction). Follow “Route des Jeunes”, cross the Saint-Georges bridge and take the first road on the right "Quai Ernest- Ansermet".


(Geneva parking fondation)

  • Outside parking Ecole de Physique (entrance at bd d’Yvoy) 100 places
  • Parking Plaine de Plainpalais (entrance at avenue du Mail) 800 places
  • Parking Ernest-Ansermet (entrance quai Ernest-Ansermet,direction Uni-Mail) 710 places
  • Parking Uni-Mail (entrance Boulevard Carl-Vogt) 180 places
  • Parking David-Dufour (entrance Rue David-Dufour) 440 places
  • Outside parking Centre sportif des Vernets (entrance Rue Hans-Wilsdorf) 278 places