Current Selection : 5 Research Groups

Takuji Adachi

Development of in-situ optical spectroscopy tool to investigate molecular aggregation process toward phase transition and control the resulting self-assembled structure and function (molecular crystal, supramolecular assembly, amyloid fibril etc.).

Enrica Bordignon

We study how biomolecules interact and change structures in their physiological environment using site-directed spin labeling electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR).

Thomas Bürgi

Chemistry, spectroscopy and applications of surfaces, interfaces and chiral nanomaterials: Development and application of spectroscopic techniques to probe solid-liquid interfaces, preparation and applications of chiral nanomaterials, enantiodifferentiation, vibrational optical activity, self-assembly of plasmonic nanomaterials.

Eric Vauthey

Ultrafast photochemistry: development and applications of optical spectroscopic methods, investigations of ultrafast photoinduced molecular processes in condensed phase and at liquid interfaces. 

Tomasz Wesolowski

Quantum embedding theory for multi-level simulations, density functional theory, computational spectroscopy, and computational chemistry.