Safety in the Lab

Everyone, even outside the lab, must
of course also know and respect the
instructions in case of fire or evacuation from the University [only available in French]

It is essential that anyone working in the lab knows and scrupulously respects the safety instructions, not only for his or her own safety but also for the safety of others.

At the beginning of the practical work in the lab, first year students are trained about the risks to know, the precautions to take and the behaviors to adopt, which they must absolutely understand perfectly before they can work in the laboratories.

Emergency Numbers

In case of... Call Number to dial
Serious accident,
accident with physical injury
Medical emergency (ambulance, doctor) 144
Internal security **333 a)
Burning fire b) Fire emergency central (firefighters) 118
Internal security   **333a)
Ingestion of toxic,
intoxication, poisoning
Swiss toxicological information center 145
Internal security   **333a)

a) The abbreviated number 1222 is only usable on the University landline phones
b) Also press a fire alarm push-button

Contact persons

Raphaël MAION
Security engineer at the Faculty of Science
int. 93163 c) safety-related problems, health at work
Responsible for security
int. 96108 c) safety-related problems, health at work
Frédéric RENAUD
Assistant responsible for security
int. 96222 c) laboratory problems, enrollment for
“Safety Days” or “Crew Safety” formations
Chef responsible for security
int. 79215 c) in charge of security, video surveillance, access control and events
Christophe DROUX
Technical officer
int. 96016 c) flood, plumbing problems, heating/ventilation, electricity, fire extinguisher (to refill, to check, ...)
Responsible for the special waste service
int. 96297 c) problem concerning laboratory waste, including
radioactive waste in limit of exemption, except meat waste

c) Internal numbers are usable only on the University landline phones. To call these numbers from outside, precede the number with “+41 22 37”. For example, to call Mr. Droux, internal 96016, dial +41 22 379 60 16.

More information [only available in French]


Les 20 commandements de la sécurité au laboratoire Que faire en cas d'accident_ndc FR.pdf