Fabien CougnonFabien Cougnon graduated from the University of Strasbourg (France) in 2006, and completed his PhD in supramolecular chemistry in 2012 at the University of Cambridge (UK) under the supervision of Professor Jeremy K. M. Sanders. His doctoral work focused on the self-assembly and the characterization of catenanes and knots in water, using donor-acceptor interactions, the hydrophobic effect and the reversibility of the disulfide bond. For this work, he received an EPSRC Doctoral Prize, which was used to sponsor a 9-month research project in the laboratory of Professor David A. Leigh at the University of Edinburgh (UK). Fabien then pursued post-doctoral research in chemical biology under the guidance of Professor Elizabeth M. Nolan at MIT, where he worked on a class of host-defense peptides named Human Defensins. He joined the University of Geneva in 2015 as an Ambizione Fellow.