NMR Service - News

June 12, 2013

We introduce a low-temperature service for the 300 MHz. The service will work as follow: When requested on Tuesday, the nitrogen evaporator will be installed during the following Wednesday morning on the 300 MHz. This will allow users to make experiments in the -100° to +100° range. A typical use will be to run series of 1D spectrum from -90° to 30° C with 20° steps. With concentrated samples, this should take about 1 hour. A single 1D experiment at (say) -50° should take about 15 minutes. 19F, 31P and 13C spectra can also be recorded. Obviously one can also record normal spectra at room temperature.

If you are interested, send a mail to Marion Pupier on Tuesday for the next day and reserve the time you need on the reservation system in the frame 9-12h. We made some tests but given the possible technical difficulties (lock and shim may be more difficult at variable temperature) we recommend that each group tests the system with "typical samples" they envisage to study to get the know-how. In principle Marion Pupier will supervise these experiments but after little practice any student should be able to work independently for such measurements. The most important recommendation is to watch the boiling points of your solvents and always stay about 10° C below.


Bruker 300 MHz (lab 209)  8h-19h:  5’ self service after electronic reservation
19h-8h:  13h long acquisition on request (19h slice)
Bruker 400 MHz (lab 242)  Mon-Fri 8h-19h:  Self service after electronic reservation
from 19h + w.e.:  Sample changer
Bruker 500 MHz (lab 211)
Mon-Sun 24h / 24h:  Access on request
Bruker 600 MHz Cryo (EPFL)
5 days / month:  Send requests to Marion Pupier
Bruker 800 MHz Cryo (EPFL) 
few hours / month:  Send requests to Marion Pupier