Student Area

Student office

As a health precaution, the Student Secretariat only receives one person at a time on.

 You are therefore invited to prioritize e-mail for any request that does not require direct contact.

For this purpose, the Student Secretariat would like to thank you in advance for using your institutional address ( or exclusively, detailing your request, your full name and your student number.



 The team of the student office manages the records of the students.

It provides information and support to the students of the Faculty of Science, such as

  • Course and exam registrations (online registration problem solving and manual registrations),
  • Exam organisation,
  • Preparation of intermediate and final grade transcripts,
  • Validation and transmission of the forms “Triangle Azur”,
  • Reception of the letters addressed to the Vice-dean for students (requests for leave of absence, extensions, complaints and other),
  • Pre doctoral exam registrations, PhD defence registrations and preparation of Imprimaturs for PhD students.

All questions regarding your admission (immatriculation or exmatriculation) to the University of Geneva should be addressed to the admissions office. Please visit their FAQ, plateform or contact page.