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Covid-19: FAQs about studies and examinations

Please visit the University's page about Coronavirus.

You will be assessed remotely, either orally or in the form of a written exam in a limited time.

For the time-limited and online written exams, your instructors have been advised that students will be able to work in an "open book" format, i.e. with access to course notes, presentations used in class, and even Internet resources. The questions asked should take this into account.

Technical tests (mock exams) will be conducted during the month of May. They will help to identify the type of problems students will potentially be faced with, related to computers (hardware or internet connection), but also to their daily environment. In order to correct these problems, we are currently discussing with the Rectorate some practical solutions.

If you fail to acquire course credits (absence or insufficient grade) during the Februrary session, you will have the possibility to (re)take the exams during the August-September session or a later session.

Exceptions to start the following year will be granted according to the usual criteria specific to each section.

For students who have reached the end of their study period, requests for extension will be validated.

Please use this form and return it no later than two months before the end of the semester.

You can benefit from a leave of absence for the spring semester 2021. Beneficiaries of this leave will not be able to attend the June and August-September 2021 sessions. The same number of attempts available in the spring 2021 semester is postponed to next year and the study period is extended.

You can also contact the Counsellor of the Army-University Liaison Office of the Faculty by email in order to have your mobilization postponed.

Automatic backups are made at every page change on the Moodle platform.

Tip : When students are writing a text in a Moodle composition window, the following precaution should be taken. If the text is longer than three lines, it is best to write it separately (in Word, on a piece of paper...) and then transfer it to Moodle.

Yes, as long as the duration of the exam is not over, you can reconnect.

Yes, as many times as necessary. A "One attempt only allowed" means that after it has been submitted (or after the exam completion time), the exam cannot be re-submitted.

his also means that for exams that will take place over multiple 1-hour blocks, you will only be able to navigate back within each 1-hour block.

In case of a technical problem, contact the course instructor, who will relay your problem to a technical centre if necessary.

The method by which you can reach the teacher (e-mail / Zoom / telephone / forum) will be defined by the teacher before the start of the exam session.

For a test/quiz mode exam, the deadlines are strict: each "1 hour" unit of an exam ends after exactly one hour. At this point, the current attempt is automatically sent: students do not lose any of their work.

The "1 hour" units for students benefiting from an extra third of time will last 80 minutes. If an exam lasts 2 or 3 hours, you will benefit from breaks of the same length as your colleagues.

Your second and third units will therefore start later than those of your colleagues.

You will need to log in with a recognisable Zoom ID (containing your first and last name).

Normally, identification is done with your student card. If this is not available or not up to date, another piece of identification can be shown.

(For information, you do not have the legal right to record Zoom sessions during oral exams).

If the Zoom connection is totally interrupted during the exam, the teacher will contact you by email on your institutional email address.

The Zoom application consumes a lot of power, so your phone/tablet/computer must be plugged in to prevent the battery from running down in the middle of the exam.