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Examination procedures for the Faculty of Science

Dear Students,

On this page you will find essential information about the May-June 2020 exam session. Aware of the difficulties linked to the current situation, the Rectorate and all the deaneries have called on teachers to show their benevolence during this examination session.

We remind you that you may exceptionally withdraw from an unlimited number of exams for the June 2020 session, until May 14, 2020 by means of this form, to be returned to the Student Secretariat.

We also remind you that results that do not allow you to acquire credits will be cancelled and the corresponding attempts will be offered.

Finally, if you encounter any problems, please contact your study advisor, the Student Office or the common services at the following links:

Emergency Assistance 
Psychology hotline

We hope that you and your relatives are in good health and that you manage to continue your studies despite these extraordinary circumstances.

The Dean

Examination procedures by sections :