Student office

My Financial Assistance

I am interested in the Excellence Master Fellowships, how should I proceed?

You will find detailed information on this page.

You may also contact the assistant of the Academic advisor, by mail.

Some of my courses are taking place in Lausanne or Neuchâtel. Can my transport costs be reimbursed?

Thanks to the triangle Azur agreement, your CFF train tickets can be reimbursed.

Please return this form with the train tickets (glued onto A4 paper) to the student office. Make sure that the form has been duly signed by your teachers/professors (one line per trip) and that you have completed all the required fields and signed the form.

The student office will forwarded your form to Mrs Micheline RUETSCHI at the Rectorate for reimbursement.

My municipality helps financing my TPG public transport season ticket, who can sign the form?

Please bring your form to the student office.

I need advice on how to obtain a scholarship, choose my health insurance or manage my budget.

Please contact the “ Pôle Santé Social ».

You can to attend one of information sessions on financial or social aid every Monday at noon at the Pôle Santé Social, on the 4th floor..

I am having difficulties finding accommodation in Geneva. Can I get help from the University of Geneva?

The building division can help you find accommodation.

It is recommended to have a firm accommodation arrangement before arriving in Geneva.

I would like to find a student job within the University of Geneva. Whom should I contact?

The Centre de carrière can help you find a student job. The service can also put you in relation with external employers.

You can check the job offers available online on their website (service only available for student enrolled at the University of Geneva).

Only students with special needs can apply (motor, sensory, psychological disorders; learning disabilities (dyslexia, dysorthography, dyscalculia, etc.); chronic disabling illness, attention deficit disorder).

You cannot benefit from an additional third time in case of an accident and therefore a one-off disability.

The application must be made via the form, available ONLY from August to October for the autumn semester and from January to March for the spring semester, on this Website.

Please note that no applications received by email will be accepted. Applications must be complete and contain certificates, balance sheets and other specific documents listed by disorder above.

The deadlines are very strict. The Special Needs Assessment Board (SNAB) has agreed that any application that is out of time will be refused in order to comply with the directive and ensure fair treatment for all students.

If you have any questions, you can consult the Website of the CEBP or contact them by e-mail.