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I would like to have more information on my lessons (timetable, detailed information), whom should I contact?

You will find detailed information on all the courses in the online course program.

Pour toute autre information concernant les cours, veuillez contacter votre section et/ou votre professeur.



Chemistry and Biochemistry

Computer Science



Pharmaceutical Sciences

Bachelor in Earth and Environmental Sciences

Master in Earth sciences

Master of Science environnemental sciences

Chemical Biology

Biomedical Sciences

I am a mobility student. Which administrative steps should I take with the student office?

Your study plan needs to be approved by your supervisor at the Faculty of Science. Please complete this form with your supervisor and bring/send it to the Student office. This form will also register your for your exams.

• Mathematics:

Professeur Bart VANDEREYCKEN - mail - Centre Acacias II - Office 617

• Physics:

Professor Tobias GOLLING - mail - Ecole de physique - Office 025

• Physics: (Astronomy) :

Professor Daniel SCHAERER - mail - Observatoire de Sauverny - Office S411

• Chemistry and Biochemistry:

Doctor Didier PERRET - mail - Sciences II - Office 0093B

• Biology:

Doctor Audrey BELLIER - mail - Sciences III - Office 2002

• Earth and Environmental Sciences:

Doctor Jean-Luc LOIZEAU - mail - Uni Carl-Vogt - Office C204

• Earth and Environmental Sciences/ Geology:

Professor Robert MORITZ - mail - Maraichers A - Office 702B

• Archeology :

Professor Eric HUYSECOM - mail - Centre Acacacias I - Office 120

• Pharmaceutical Sciences:

Professor Gerrit BORCHARD - mail - Sciences II - Office 4-510C

For any questions regarding your arrival and stay in Geneva, please check the academic exchange Website.

I am registered for a “Complément d’études en sciences”. Which administrative steps should I take with the student office?

You need to bring/send your study plan to the student office. The student counsellor of the Faculty, Dr. Xavier CHILLIER, defines this plan.

You can register for an appointment by signing up on his office door (office 001, Sciences III) or via email). You can also come during his office hours on Mondays from 5pm to 6pm and on Tuesdays from 10am to 12pm.

What is plagiarism? Which risks am I taking if I’m using texts from the Internet for a lab report?

Plagiarism is the presentation of words, images, analysis, work or ideas of someone else as one's own. It applies to published material (whether in print or electronic), as well as unpublished material, such as the work of another student. At the University of Geneva, plagiarism is treated as a form of fraud.

At the University of Geneva, plagiarism is treated as a form of fraud and will be sanctioned by a failed/zero grade. The College of the professors of the section/department can also decide to consider the failure as final. It can also cancel all the exams presented during exam session. The Faculty can refer the case to the Disciplinary Board (art. 18 Fraude et Plagiat du Règlement d’études général de la Faculté des Sciences).

I would like to request an extension, how should I proceed?

You need to complete the extension request form if you go past the following limits:

• Bachelor (180 ECTS): 10 semesters maximum,

• Master (90 ECTS): 6 semesters maximum,

• Master (120 ECTS): 8 semesters maximum.

You can request an extension for one or two semesters. The extension request form must be submitted to the student office two months before the start of the semester..

According to article 19 of the general regulations of the Faculty of Science, if you go past your deadline, you will be eliminated from your study program.

Note: students studying Biology must contact the student office of biology to ask for their extension.

How can I combine military service and my studies?

Please consult the following website where you will find detailed information as well as the contact information of the advisor of the army-university relations office.

I would like to change faculty, how should I proceed?

Please log in to the admission office platform and download the appropriate change request form.

You may contact the student counsellor of the Faculty , Dr. Xavier CHILLIER or the student counsellor of your department.

I have finished the first/second year of my Bachelor, how do I register for my 2nd /3rd year?

You do not need to register, once you have successfully completed your first/second year, you will be automatically registered for your second/third year.

I have finished my Bachelor/Master and would like to register for a Master/Phd, how should I proceed?

To continue as a master student, please complete this form and submit it to the student office before obtaining your Bachelor.

To continue as a Phd, please send the original paper attestation of thesis direction (with original signature) to the student office before obtaining your Master.

If this form (or attestation) is not submitted, your file will be archived and you will be exmatriculated automatically.

If you want to transfer grades from your Bachelor to your Master or remove grades (optional courses graded between 4 and 6) from your final grade transcript, please complete this form and submit it to the student office before obtaining your Bachelor.

Attention, if you are interested in the Master in Biomedical Sciences or the Master in Chemical Biology, you must submit a complete application:

The Master in Biomedical Sciences, complete application file to be sent by e-mail :

• a letter of motivation

• a detailed CV mentioning in particular all the stages of your training (school and academic). Each year must be clearly mentioned, even if you have not undertaken anything in particular for one year

• a copy of all transcripts with credits awarded and university degree(s) obtained to date

• previous study programme

• description of previous teaching

• weekly hours, number of semesters


The Master in Chemical Biology , a complete application file to be transmitted on their plateform :

• a letter of motivation

• a CV

• a copy of all transcripts with credits awarded and university degree(s) obtained to date

• prizes awarded, etc.

What administrative steps should I take to repeat my first year?

You do not need to take any administrative steps. If you are at the end of your first year of Bachelor (incl. the exam session of August) and you have obtained between 20 and 59 ECTS, you will receive a letter at the end of September that you have to repeat your first year.

When repeating the first year, you are allowed two additional attempts for each exam. All grades of 4 and above obtained remain valid, for all the other grades the exams must be repeated.

It is not possible to repeat your second or third year of your Bachelor. Your studies simply extend to the next semester with a total of two attempts maximum per exam, within the regulatory duration of your studies.

I have received a letter of elimination. What can I do to object?

You need send the opposition form » together with a letter of « opposition" (objection), in French, to the Vice-Dean, Professor Martin GANDER at the student office within 30 days.

The RIO commission then evaluates objections to eliminations. (see their regulation). Each case is treated individually and extra information is collected, implying a response time of several weeks.

I have finished my Bachelor/Master/PhD, when will I receive my final transcript and my diploma?

Bachelor and Master

Upon receipt of your final grade, the student office will prepare your final grade transcript, which you will receive by mail.

About 1 month, the diploma office will issue your diploma, which you will also receive by mail.

Make sure to let the university know of any changes in your address.


Upon receipt of the final thesis report with the original signatures of all jury members, the PhD defence grade transcript with the original signatures of all jury members and the form “Mode de publication” signed by the thesis director and yourself, the student office will issue your Imprimatur (authorisation to print).

You will receive an email from the student office inviting you to come to get your imprimatur when it is ready. Once your thesis has been deposited deposited“Archive ouverte“ of the University of Geneva, the Diploma office will issue your diploma. It will be sent by mail within approximately 3 weeks.

Make sure to let the university know of any changes in your address.