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My grades / equivalences

I’m currently studying for another diploma / in another faculty / at another university / in another country, can I apply for a Master or a PhD?

If you wish to apply for a Master or PhD program, a completed application for equivalences, along with all required enrolment documentation must be submitted to the admission office.

The application for equivalences is processed at the faculty, by the relevant section/department and the student counsellor of the Faculty of Science. You will receive a reply from the student counsellor by mail.

I have obtained more ECTS credits for the optional courses of my bachelor then necessary. Is it possible to transfer those extra credits to my master?

If you want to transfer grades from your Bachelor to your Master, please complete this form and submit it to the student office before obtaining your Bachelor.

Can I transfer grades to another diploma/degree?

If you have made a change of cursus and validated grades that are part of your new cursus (at the Faculty of Science), you can make a grade transfer request.

Please complete this form and submit it to the academic advisor of your section/department for approval before returning it the student office.

>Note that a grade can only be validated once. In most cases, an equivalence will be attributed with ECTS credits only (no grades) .

The academic advisor of the Faculty, will make the final decision, you may contact him for more information.

How can I validate a grade between 3 and 3.5 as per the general regulations of the Faculty of Science?

If, according to your degree regulations, you are allowed to have a grade below 4.0, you do not need to do anything. The system will automatically take that grade into account when you have completed all your courses.

I would like to know my grades, whom should I contact?

The student office is not allowed to communicate any grade. You need to wait for your grade to be published on your student portal.

You can also ask your teacher/professor directly. He is allowed, if he agrees, to give you your grade.

When will I receive my grades?

Your online grade transcript will be published on your student portal some time during the second week of the exam session. It will be updated regularly. The student office tries its best to register the grades as they come in. Thank your for your patience.

Your official grade transcript will be sent to your home address about 2 to 3 weeks after the exam session.

I was a student of the Faculty of Science, how can I get a copy of my grade transcripts?

Please send us a detailed request by email , indicating your full name (maiden name if applicable), the degree of your diploma, the year you finished and your mailing address.

If you have left the Faculty of Science more than 3 years ago, please allow 1 week, as your file will have to be brought back from the archives.

Is it possible to have my grade transcript in English?

The student office does not provide transcripts in English.

However, if you need a translation, please send an email to the Student office who will inform you of the procedure.


Where can I fin the regulations of the Faculty of Science?

You can find the general regulations of the Faculty of Science and of the different degrees in your student study guide.

You can also find them online.

My grade transcript “Historique des notes” indicates that the previous exam session is “en cours”, why?

This transcript is a history of all your grades since you started your studies.

Each line represents the status of your grades during a given session.

My grade transcript “Historique des notes” still indicates that I have failed an exam that I have now passed.

This transcript is a history of all your grades since you started your studies.

If you have taken an exam more than once, each of your attempts will be visible on a separate line. On your final transcript, courses for which no ECTS credits have been attributed (failed attempts) will not be visible, except for mandatory courses or courses within a validated group.

Is it possible to remove grades from my grade transcript?

When you have completed your cursus (but not before), the Student office will automatically remove any courses for which no ECTS credits have been validated, as long as it is not an obligatory course or part of a validated group.

You can also make the request to remove an optional course, even if it is validated, by completing this form. This form has to be returned to the student office before the end of your bachelor/master.