Equality Commission

Mandate of the Commission

  • To identify the obstacles preventing academic advancement of women in the Faculty of Sciences, and propose actions which aim to resolve these problems.
  • To encourage and support projects and initiatives which promote gender equality, and change prevailing attitudes towards the acceptance of such equality.
  • To identify and support potential women candidates in their academic career plan.
  • To relay all the available information concerning promotion of women in academic careers at the Faculty of Sciences and at the University.
  • To ensure the fair representation of women in the makeup of commissions, in particular of permanent commissions at the Faculty of Sciences. .
  • To inventorise financial support specifically supporting career paths for women, identify the cases where such support is lacking, and propose measures to rectify this.

Members of the Commission

President and Contact Address

Patrycja PARUCH, Professor, Physics
Mail: Patrycja.Paruch(at)
Tel. +41 22 379 35 46


Marie BESSE, Professor, Archeology and Anthropology
Mail: Marie.Besse(at)

Sandra CITI, Professor, Biology
Mail: Sandra.Citi(at)

Miroslava DESSAUGES, CS, Astronomy
Mail: Miroslava.Dessauges(at)

Ruth DURRER, Professor, Physics
Mail: Ruth.Durrer(at)

Martin GANDER, Vice-Dean, Mathematics
Mail: Martin.Gander(at)

Damien JEANNERAT, MER, Chemistry
Mail: Damien.Jeannerat(at)

Olivier JORDAN, MER, Pharmacy
Mail: Olivier.Jordan(at)

Mail: Celine.Lichtensteiger(at)

Susanne SCHMIDT, PD-MER, Earth and Environmental Sciences
Mail: Susanne.Schmidt(at)

Tatiana SMIRNOVA-NAGNIBEDA, Professor, Mathematics
Mail: Tatiana.Smirnova-Nagnibeda(at)

Marina OTA, Biology
Mail: Marina.Ota(at)

Virginie HAMEL, CS, Biology
Mail: Virginie.Hamel(at)