Areas of Research

Chemistry and Biochemistry


Chemists create new substances and develop methods for preparing, separating, purifying and identifying them. They study the composition, structure and transformation of matter. Chemistry is a central discipline as it provides the molecular foundations essential for other branches of science: medicine, biology, earth sciences, pharmacy, and materials science. The Swiss chemical industry accounts for one third of the country’s total exports.




The Section of Chemistry and Biochemistry has had for a long time an excellent scientific reputation at an international level. Over the past few years, it has built on this and attracted a number of excellent teachers and researchers. The Section offers students a comprehensive choice of programs in chemistry and in biochemistry leading to bachelor, master, and doctorate degrees which open the door to a multitude of careers in the public and the private sectors.

The Section of Chemistry and Biochemistry is proud to have attained a standard of excellence in many areas of research.

Among our key subjects are: asymmetrical organic synthesis and the development of catalysts; the search for new economical and ecological routes to products with biological effects; supramolecular and macromolecular chemistry; the study of natural and industrial colloids and polymers; the self-assembly of inorganic molecules, essential for nanotechnology and biological catalysts; analytical chemistry and the development of sensors to study the circulation of chemical compounds in the environment; cellular membrane biochemistry, in particular the transport and anchorage of proteins; methods of spectroscopic analysis, for instance to study ultrafast processes; computational chemistry, making it possible to predict the structure and reactivity of new substances and sophisticated molecular structures.