Two-thirds have started new careers:

  • 46% - Pharma/Biotech industry
  • 19% - Doing a post-doc
  • 3% - Started a doctorate

« I wanted to thank you for the organization of the CILS program. I found all courses very interesting but especially the CILS course was extremely useful to find a job. When I arrived in Geneva I found it very complicated to get any response from companies and after the CILS and the internship I did this situation changed dramatically. I am very grateful to all people from the company where I did the internship, who, despite not being able to offer me a position, were very supportive to help me find my next position. Thanks to them I am currently working in a company developing innovative medicines with a Research Scientist position for 3 years. »

R. (CILS alumnus)

« Looking for jobs in the pharmaceutical industry I sent about 25 applications, had two interviews and got one job offer in pharmacovigilance. I started to work at UBC in Vernier at the beginning of this month on the position as Data Entry Associate, an entry level position in pharmacovigilance, with a permanent working contract. »

M. (CILS alumnus)

« For my next step, I was admitted by EPFL for the master program of Management, Technology and Entrepreneurship, I will begin my second master study next month. I have to say the courses that offered by CILS inspired me to study management knowledge. »

L. (CILS alumnus)

« I found a position as postdoc in academia, I did a number of applications and some job interviews in industry (one in Roche and one in Nestle). »

M. (CILS alumnus)

« I would like to start a career in project management, thanks to the CILS Program. Now I started looking for a job in this field , and probably will also search for some management courses. »

L. (CILS alumnus)

« I feel that the CILS formation helped me in my application and my everyday job as I better understand the Pharma world. »

J. (CILS alumnus)