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APERI pharmaceuticals is a biotech in the launch phase developed around a oral biologics delivery platform. With already 2 patents filed and about 6 years of specific research and development we initially target the lucrative biologics delivery market. Our lead (AP09) is a unique & novel permeation enhancer that forms the corner stone of our technology. It allows macromolecules to diffuse through the tight space between cells, known as tight junctions, where they won’t do it under normal conditions. AP09 adopts a unique, mechanism-based, target selective, trans-mucosal permeation enhancers that offers maximum safety index, highly reversible effect and can transport antibodies without causing any toxicity.

We are currently developing formulation for Ophthalmic and Oral delivery of biologics in collaboration with research partners. 

We welcome potential collaborative research partners to be a part of this exciting opportunity.

After 6 months

APERI technology has been proven effective to enhance the bioavailability of broad range of therapeutic molecules both small and large molecules. Kriya Biosciences’ technology has the potential to revolutionize non-injectable delivery such as ophthalmic, oral, nasal, and mucosal. 



Prof. Gerrit Borchard                    


Dr. Sakthikumar Ragupathy



3 juillet 2019
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