Analyses request

ANALYSES REQUEST for Faculty of Science collaborators

Each sample submission requires prior analysis on the open access instrument.

Routine analyses

Download and fill in, meticulously, the Analysis Request Form (PDF file below) for each sample submitted. Sample deposition and collection (with request form) have to be left at the reception of the Pavillon des Isotopes.

Recent MS spectra acquired on the open access ESI-MS instrument have to be provided according to the mandatory tutorial instructions.


Proteomics requests

Contact the Proteomics Core Facility from the faculty of medicine, University of Geneva, Switzerland, UNIGE/MEDICINE/PCF.


High Resolution MS analyses

Be careful that a high resolution measurement should not be correlated with sample purity!

For High Resolution measurements:

- ESI-MS analyses are done at the University of Geneva on a QqTOF, QStar pulsar or XL instrument from AB/MDS Sciex.

- EI-MS analyses are done at the University of Zürich on a double-focusing magnetic sector mass spectrometer (geometry BE), MAT 95 from Finnigan.


ICP multi-element quantitation

Contact info-ms(at) to discuss the need before submission (XLSX file below).

For information about the ICP center go to ICP Center.


Project analyses


Setting up a research project

Fill the request form accurately. Contact info-ms(at) for more details.



Once the project has been approved, samples need to be submitted via the following form.



Results are sent by e-mail as pdf files.