Two professors receive the Credit Swiss Award for Best Teaching 2016

Professors Michele Maggiore and Andreas Müller received the Credit Swiss Award for Best Teaching 2016 at the 2016 Faculty of Science graduation ceremony for their successful implementation of the Athéna programme.

Athéna is an advanced studies programme in physics and mathematics run by the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Geneva. The course is designed for college and gymnast students in the last or penultimate year of their high school curriculum. It is intended for pupils who are interested in finding out more about physics and mathematics at university and potentially getting ahead in their studies.

The programme aims to build on the interest of young people in the physical and mathematical sciences by helping them learn about new subjects while discovering student life. The goal is also to encourage scientific careers among young people, who are in a better position to make a decision on completing such a programme. It also makes the transition from secondary school to UNIGE easier.

February 21, 2017