Professor Iacobucci awarded an ERC Advanced grant

Professor Giuseppe Iacobucci (Department of Nuclear and Corpuscular Physics / Faculty of Science) obtains funding, up to € 2.5 million over five years, for the MONOLITH project (Monolithic Multi-Junction Picosecond Avalanche Detector for future physics experiments and applications ). The aim of this project is to design and produce radiation-tolerant and picosecond-resolution monolithic silicon pixel detectors for ionizing radiation. This innovative technology will be a ground-breaking instrument for future accelerator and space-borne physics experiments.

The new detector will be based on Bi-CMOS silicon-germanium foundry processes and will exploit two patents by the research group of Professor Iacobucci at UNIGE.  Its use for the detection of photons might have an impact in several fields, like for example high-precision LiDARs, cobotics, time-of-flight PET scanners, fluorescence lifetime measurement in biological imaging and improvements in the coherence of states in quantum computing. 

In addition to his team at the University of Geneva, for this project Professor Iacobucci is collaborating in particular on this project with teams from INFN, Roma Tor-Vergata, in Italy and IHP Mikroelektronik Leibnitz Institute, in Germany.

Contact: Giuseppe Iacobucci

March 31, 2020