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Superconductivity, the energies of today and tomorrow, CERN and its huge particle collider, the quantum telescope, exoplanets, nanotechnologies ...

The PhysiScope tackles all these fascinating current scientific topics as well as making original links with the main principles of physics. The PhysiScope is located in the University of Geneva, in the very heart of the Physics Section, which is renowned worldwide for the quality of its research.

The visitors are the main participants at the PhysiScope: they discuss physical phenomena and carry out experiments as they interact with the scientific facilitator, relating what they discover to some of the major issues in current research.

This innovative venue, created in 2007 by the MaNEP national research centre in collaboration with the Physics Section, is primarily intended for junior high and high school students accompanied by their teachers. Students can choose from a variety of thematic modules that are developed on an on-going basis. The PhysiScope is also open to any group on registration.


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