Work from correlations, Phys. Rev. X 5, 041011 (2015). Image by Paul Skrzypczyk


September 2019  Genuine quantum nonlocality in networks published in PRL. The quantum "triangle network" allows for novel forms of quantum nonlocality, potentially very different from known ones. This is joint work with Marc-Olivier Renou and Nicolas Gisin from GAP, Elisa Bäumer from ETH Zurich, Sadra Boreiri from EPFL and Salman Beigi from IPM Teheran. To know more check the excellent Viewpoint article in APS Physics by Matt Pusey.




November 2018  Participation to EU Quantum Flagship. The group will take part in the project QRANGE, one of the 20 projects selected for the first phase of the QF. The project will investigate quantum random number generation. It is lead by Hugo Zbinden (UNIGE), and gathers researchers from 10 research groups in Switzerland, Spain, Belgium, Italy and Germany. 



August 2018  More awards. Géraldine Haack receives a FNS PRIMA grant, for her project on quantum thermal machines in mesoscopic systems. This 5-years grant comes with a PhD position. Flavien Hirsch receives a FNS postdoc Mobility grant for working at IQOQI in the group of Marcus Huber. Bravo!




November 2017  Awards. Jonatan Brask receives a 2017 DFF grant, which will allow him to start his research group at the Technical University of Denmark in Copenhagen. Patrick Hofer receives the 2017 Swiss Physical Society Award in General Physics for his PhD thesis. Well done!

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August 2017   Autonomous Quantum Clocks: Does Thermodynamics Limit Our Ability to Measure Time? just published in Physical Review X. For a pedestrian introduction and summary, see the APS viewpoint article by Tony Short.  



June 2017   New proposal and implementation of a "self-testing" quantum random number generator published in Physical Review Applied. A nice collaboration with Hugo Zbinden's group. Listen to a short interview of Nicolas Brunner for CQFD, Radio Suisse Romande.


September 2016   First PhDs graduates in the group. Joe Bowles and Marco Tulio Quintino have successfully defended their thesis, entitled "EPR steering and its application to fundamental questions in Bell nonlocality" and "Quantum entanglement and measurement incompatibility as resources for nonlocality" respectively. Well done, and all the best pour la suite!!!

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June 2016   Proposal for demonstrating the entanglement of a single electron published in New journal of Physics. A fruitful collaboration with David Dasenbrook and Patrick Hofer (UNIGE), and Christian Flindt (Aalto University). See also the accompanying perspective article by Nicolai Friis. 




May 2016   Recent work exploring the relation between joint measurability and quantum nonlocality. 



Dec 2015   Géraldine Haack is awarded a Marie Heim-Vögtlin (MHV) grant from the Swiss National Science Foundations. Her project explores Quantum Thermodynamics in mesoscopic physics.





Dec 2015   Marcus Huber joins the group with an Ambizione grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation. Marcus, and his new PhD student Fabien Clivaz, will explore Quantum thermodynamics.



Oct 2015   Géraldine Haack and Ralph Silva join the group. 


Oct 2015   Official start of Nicolas Brunner's Starting grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation. The project explores a Device-independent approach to quantum physics (DIAQ).