Current PhD Theses

Starting Year Student Supervisors Title Group
2021Ivano GennaroZoltán ZajaczPhysical-chemical controls on ore fluid generation in transcrustal magmatic systemsMineral Resources and Geofluids
2021Mara MirandaZoltán ZajaczHeavy halogens and semi-metals as tracers of magma degassing and fluid-assisted mass transfer within transcrustal magma reservoirsMineral Resources and Geofluids
2021Enzo-Enrico CacciatoreZoltán ZajaczThe interplay between magma redox and magma differentiation in arc settings: phase equilibrium constraints and the development of new oxybarometersMineral Resources and Geofluids
2021Zsófia PALOSZoltán ZajaczMechanisms of the oxidation of the mantle wedge in subduction zonesMineral Resources and Geofluids
2020Arnaud RuchatElias SamankassouMiddle Jurassic coral reefsSedimentology, Biostratigraphy and Micropaleontology
2020Şafak Utku SönmezRobert MoritzSystèmes épithermaux du district minier de Bolnisi (Géorgie, Petit-Caucase, ceinture métallogénique de la Téthys)Mineral Resources and Geofluids
2020Marine PrieurSébastien CastelltortImpact of extreme hydrological perturbation on sediment distribution from source to sink, PETM, Southern Pyrenees, SpainEarth Surface Dynamics
2020Tamara El HossnyElias SamankassouEvolutionary history of tselfatiiforms, a weird group of Cretaceous ray-finned fishes: a cas study from LebanonSedimentology, Biostratigraphy and Micropaleontology
2020Corin JorgensonLuca CaricchiUnravelling the thermo-chemical evolution of the Mt Etna plumbing system applying machine learning to mineral Chemistry datasetsPetrology and Volcanology
2020Göksu UslularJoël Ruch3D modelling of Central Anatolian Maars Using Unmanned Air Vehicles and Comparison of Morphological, Depositional, Geophysical and Geochemical CharacteristicsPhysical Volcanology and Geological Risks
2020Rocio Jaimes GutierrezSébastien CastelltortChemical weathering response to extreme global warming during Paleocene Eocene Hyperthermals, Southern Pyrenees, SpainEarth Surface Dynamics
2019Fabio MessoriMaria Schaltegger-Ovtcharova / Rossana MartiniU-Pb geochronology of the Ediacaran period – the first Failed experiment of multicellular life on Earth Isotope Geochemistry, Geochronology and Thermochronology
2019Clémentine AntoineUrs SchalteggerTimescales and emplacement rates of the Karoo Large Igneous Province: the case of the Drakensberg flood basalts (Lesotho/South Africa)Isotope Geochemistry, Geochronology and Thermochronology
2019Nikhil SharmaSébastien CastelltortEnregistrement sédimentaire de la propagation de signaux climatiques à travers la reconstitution des paléopentes et l'architecture fluviatile Eocène de la formation Escanilla, bassin d'avant-pays sud-pyrénéen, EspagneEarth Surface Dynamics
2019Martin SengerUrs SchalteggerDating the Great Oxidation Event in South AfricaIsotope Geochemistry, Geochronology and Thermochronology
2019Ali AluçRobert MoritzMagmatic-Hydrothermal Evolution and Geological Framework of the Kirazh Epithermal Au and Porphyry Cu deposits, TurkeyMineral Resources and Geofluids
2019Cheikh Ibrahima FayeRobert MoritzContribution to the study of the gold mineralization associated with the granitic complex of Boboti (West African Craton, Kedougou Kenieba inlier) metallogenic and tectonic implicationsMineral Resources and Geofluids
2019Valentin MarguinGuy SimpsonNumerical investigation of the impact of fluids on the earthquake cycleEarth Surface Dynamics
2019Alessandro MusuLuca CaricchiQuantifying the thermo-chemical evolution of magma reservoirs using experimental mineral chemistryPetrology and Volcanology
2019Aurélia CrinièreAndrea MoscarielloReservoir Geology of the Cenozoic-Cretaceous transition in the Geneva Basin applied to geothermal exploration.Reservoir Geology and Sedimentary Basin Analysis
2018Davide CarraroAndrea MoscarielloChemostratigraphy of fluvial fan deposits (Green River Formation, Utah)Reservoir Geology and Sedimentary Basin Analysis
2018Inés Segovia CamposDaniel ArizteguiInvestigating the potential of intracellular mineral inclusions (micropearls) in microorganisms as a novel bioremediation methodLimnogeology and Geomicrobiology
2018Oliver HigginsLuca CaricchiPhysical processes controlling the recurrence rate of eruptions at St Kitts and St Martin magmatic systems (Lesser Antilles)Petrology and Volcanology
2018Andrea FucelliRossana MartiniSedimentology, stratigraphy and high resolution geochemistry of the Upper Triassic carbonates from Hosselkus (CA) and Luning (NV) Formations (USA).Sedimentology, Biostratigraphy and Micropaleontology
2018Hans Viktor AhrenstedtUrs SchalteggerDatation U-Pb de zircon dans des cendres du Permien et du TriassiqueIsotope Geochemistry, Geochronology and Thermochronology
2018Elisabetta PanzaJoël RuchMagma and tectonic interactions at fossil (Oman) and active (Iceland) divergent plate boundaries using structural geology and analogue modellingVolcano Tectonic Laboratory
2018Stefano ManniniJoël RuchUnderstanding recurrent volcano-tectonic processes using multi temporal and spatial analysis at active volcanic rift zones (Kilauea volcano, Hawaii)Volcano Tectonic Laboratory
2017Ariadni GeorgatouMassimo ChiaradiaBehaviour of chalcophile metals during crustal evolution of subduction and post--subduction magmasIsotope Geochemistry, Geochronology and Thermochronology
2017Nicolò Del PieroRossana MartiniSedimentology, stratigraphy and high resolution geochemistry of the Upper Triassic carbonates from Stikinia and Wrangellia terranes, U.S.A.Sedimentology, Biostratigraphy and Micropaleontology
2017Marion GrosjeanRobert MoritzCenozoic subduction to post-subduction epithermal-porphyry systems of the Lesser CaucasusMineral Resources and Geofluids
2017Jonathan LemusCostanza BonadonnaSédimentation des panaches volcaniques avec un focus particulier sur la formation d'instabilités gravitationnellesPhysical Volcanology and Geological Risks
2017Allan FriesCostanza BonadonnaSédimentation des panaches volcaniques avec un focus particulier sur la formation d'instabilités gravitationnellesPhysical Volcanology and Geological Risks
2017Elliot Jiwani-BrownMatteo LupiGeophysical exploration and effects of incoming seismic energy on hydrothermal systemsCrustal Deformation and Fluid Flow
2017Christophe FerranteRossana MartiniEvolutionary pace in the coelacanth clade New evidence from the Triassic of SwitzerlandSedimentology, Biostratigraphy and Micropaleontology
2017Abdallah Sami Zaki BakriSébastien CastelltortMartian drainage networksEarth Surface Dynamics
2017Lucas VimpereSébastien CastelltortMulti-scale quantitative sedimentology of Upper Pleistocene coastal dunes from the Northern Bahamas and Western AustraliaSedimentology, Biostratigraphy and Micropaleontology
2016Aaron HantscheKalin Kouzmanov / Robert MoritzDistal skarns as an ore-forming environmentMineral Resources and Geofluids
2016Nicholas FarleyElias SamankassouLate Holocene climate variability in the Southern Pacific: Records from microatolls in French Polynesia. Sedimentology, Biostratigraphy and Micropaleontology
2016Verónica Ferreira AntunesMatteo LupiSeismic activity in the Great Geneva BasinCrustal Deformation and Fluid Flow
2016Stefano GialliLluís FontbotéMagmatic-hydrothermal transtition at the Miocene Sn deposit of San Rafael, southern PeruMineral Resources and Geofluids
2016Marion AlcaniéMatteo LupiFluid flow in the great Geneva basinCrustal Deformation and Fluid Flow
2016Jeanne Armelle BilobéElias SamankassouStructure et évolution tectonostratigraphique du bassin sédimentaire de Mamfé, sud-ouest Cameroun.Sedimentology, Biostratigraphy and Micropaleontology
2016Francisco Bataller TorreAndrea MoscarielloLate Ordovician Glacial Reservoir Characterization in the Murzug basin, Lybia”Earth Surface Dynamics
2014Samuel CarmaltAndrea MoscarielloSedimentology geochemistry and petrography of Marcellus Shales, Eastern USA.Reservoir Geology and Sedimentary Basin Analysis
2013Nicolas ClercAndrea MoscarielloModélisation géologique et structurale du Bassin genevois et implications pour la géothermie profonde.Reservoir Geology and Sedimentary Basin Analysis