Crustal Deformation and Fluid Flow


Nodes.pngWe combine passive seismic and electromagnetic methods for the investigation of the upper crust. We use a multiscale and multiphysics approach where NANT and DERT are combined to understand the geological structures at depth.

Various experiments are conducted across the year and we are always looking for motivated students willing to help us and learn in the field. If you are interested in participating in geophysical experiments, get in touch.



Our instruments form the GEPPO - GEoPhysical Instrument POol.

Seismology and nodal networks:

  • 20 broadband trillium compacts (20s, 120s including 6 postholes),
  • 12 1Hz 3C Lennartz
  • 32 Datacubes digitizers (few of them equipped with telemetry)
  • 300 SmartSolo 5Hz 3C seismic nodes.

Electrics for deep electrical resistivity prospection:

UAV fleet:

  • DJI Matrice 210 RTK equipped with digital and optical camera
  • DJI Mini

A comprehensive list of the material (mainly for internal use) can be found here.

Instruments of GEPPO can be rented or used for research purposes or joint experiments. Just get in touch and email us