Mineral Resources and Geofluids


Architecture and fluid evolution of magmatic-hydrothermal systems in the Andes and the Tethys belt - Colquijirca, Cerro de Pasco, Morococha, San Rafael, Apuseni Mountains, Lesser Caucasus.

Sandstone-hosted base metal deposits of the Caledonides.

Fluids trapped in gangue vs opaque minerals: What are the real ore-forming fluids? - Butte, U.S.A.; Madan, Bulgaria; Lepanto, Philippines.

Geodynamic setting of ore deposits along the Tethys belt: Balkans, Rhodopes & Lesser Caucasus.

Orogenic vs intrusion-related gold deposits of the Abitibi belt (Val d'Or) & the Peruvian Andes (Pataz-Parcoy-Huachon).

Supergene processes & environmental impact: Chuquicamata, Chile; Kedougou area, Senegal; Rosia Montana, Romania.