Reconstituting past flood events: the contribution of citizen science
February 18, 2020

This study demonstrates how citizens can help retrieving extent and water level of past flood events, in areas where catalogs of events are nonexistent or incomplete. It also shows that citizen science can help understanding the causes of flooding which are rarely or never recorded by instruments.

Deep drilling without causing uncontrolled seismic activity
February 12, 2020

Researchers at the University of Geneva, the University of Florence and the National Research Council (CNR) in Italy, have studied the seismic activity linked to geothermal drilling in search of supercritical fluids. The drilling did not cause uncontrolled seismic activity.

Terrascope workshops for school pupils about the Swiss electricity mix
February 12, 2020

UNIGE Renewable Energy Systems group has prepared educational workshops for school pupils within the programme Terrascope.

Geoff Brown prize for best student poster at VMSG 2020 awarded to Gregor Weber
January 18, 2020

Ph.D student Gregor Weber was awarded the Geoff Brown prize for best student poster at the Volcanic and Magmatic Studies Group (VMSG) conference in Plymouth (UK) for the presentation of "Thermochemical modelling of eruptible magma chemistry: Implication for the compositional diversity of igneous roc…

Precipitation efficiency controls gold endowments in porphyry deposits
January 16, 2020

Why are some porphyry deposits – formed by magmatic fluids in volcanic arcs – rich in copper while others primarily contain gold? In an attempt to answer this question, a researcher from the University of Geneva (UNIGE) investigated how the metals are accumulated over the time duration of a minerali…

2020 SEG Award to Massimo Chiaradia
January 8, 2020

Massimo Chiaradia (University of Geneva) has been selected as the 2020 SEG Thayer Lindsley Visiting Lecturer on the basis of widely recognized expertise in a field of economic geology.

Students at the drilling site in Lully
December 16, 2019

The students of the second year of Bachelor visited the geothermal drilling site GEo-02 in the framework of the course of Geophysics with Animuse. The well GEo-02 is drilled in the framework of the geothermie2020.ch program and has the objective of prospecting the Mesozoic units down to approximatel…

Leonardo en perspective exhibition
December 11, 2019

Best oral and poster presentations award for Corin Jorgenson and Sabi Peris Cabré
December 3, 2019

At this year’s Swiss Geoscience Meeting in Fribourg, two of our master students, Corin Jorgenson and Sabi Peris Cabré, were awarded the price for the best oral and poster presentations, respectively. Corin presented “Consequences of magma-CO2 interaction for explosive volcanism at Colli Albani (Ita…

Workshop: Flood in a warmer world: insight from paleohydrology
November 20, 2019

During the last 11-13 of November, the Earth Science Department hosted the first workshop of the second phase of the PAGES Flood Working Group (FWG). More than 30 researcher from different countries were discussed how the gathered information from past flood events can contribute to a better underst…