Welcome to the Department of Earth Sciences

Our Commitment

The Earth Sciences are central to address the complex problematics linked to transition to a sustainable and durable society. The sustainable recovery of resources required for the energy transition, the assessment of the risks posed by natural hazards, the consequences of human activities on the environment, and the origin of life in the Universe, are the core focus of our teaching and research activities. We are committed to train Earth Scientists capable of approaching the epochal challenges posed by our interaction with Planet Earth. To achieve this target, we train our students to systematically collect observations in the field and in the laboratory, we provide access to cutting edge analytical and computational facilities, and teach how to communicate results both to the scientific community and the public.

Luca Caricchi
Director of the Department of Earth Sciences

The roots of the Departement of Earth Sciences go back to the XIX century as you can discover in these two articles online : Les sciences géologiques, paléontologiques et minéralogiques à Genève, du XVIIIe au XXe siècle and Alphonse Favre et Carl Vogt et l'enseignement de la géologie à Genève au XIX siècle


Sex Rouge (2971 m, Diablerets massif) : folded limestones of Lower Cretaceous age  on the frontal part of the Wildhorn Nappe  (Helvetic nappes)

Photo: Moritz Fontboté Schmidt (Oct. 2017)