Alessandro Musu

PhD student

13 rue des Maraîchers, office 706A


My Research

My research focuses on establishing the link between deep magmatic processes and volcanic eruptions using experimentally-produced chemical profiles in minerals. Understanding the thermal and chemico-physical evolution of a magma reservoir is crucial to comprehend magmatic processes occurring at inaccessible depths and to interpret monitoring signals in active volcanic systems. I am part of a research team that aims to decipher the message encrypted in chemical zoning in minerals to unveil the sequence of events leading to volcanic eruptions. We combine experiments, mineral chemistry and statistics using Mt. Etna (Italy) as a laboratory volcano.

Research Interests

  • Crystal growth and zoning patterns formation
  • Igneous Petrology and Volcanology
  • Basaltic volcanism
  • magma chamber and conduit dynamics

Lecturer Assistant

  • Petrology II - Laboratory