Diego Villagómez Díaz

Research Associate

13 rue des Maraîchers, office B49

+41 22 379 66 03

Fission Track Laboratory (LA–ICP–MS and EDM methods)

Microscope Zeiss Axio-Imager.z1m using latest Autoscan v.2 FT acquisition software (including Trackworks® and FastTracks®). Multi-elemental data acquisition by LA–ICP–MS (Element XR Thermo Scientific).

For information please contact :

Dr. Diego Villagómez Díaz Tel: +41 22 379 66 03 E-mail Diego.Villagomez(at)unige.ch

My Research

I am interested in the sustainable exploration and extraction of renewable and non-renewable natural resources. My main research interests are rift basins and subduction-related basins and their associated sedimentary and tectonic processes. I have a great interest in understanding the “source to sink” relationship between erosional areas and basinal deposition. 

I am currently testing new applications of thermochronological data in the study of sedimentary basins in particular in the Gulf of Mexico, as well as in the Swiss Plateau Basin. I have re-potentialized our fission track (FT) laboratory and implemented the FT LA-ICP-MS approach. In addition, I regularly run experiments in our Noble gas laboratories in order to obtain Ar/Ar age data. 

I have extensive work experience both in academia and the industry and I have worked in the Americas, Europe and Africa. My strong multicultural background has allowed me to work and live in multiple countries in the world, which in turn has helped me build a strong academic, industrial and governmental network worldwide. I am interested in collaborating with any institution, company or university interested in natural resources.


Research Interests

  • Thermochronology
  • Source-to-sink analysis
  • Natural resources
Current research project