Gregor Weber

PhD Student

13 rue des Maraîchers, office 704A

022 379 66 97

My research focuses on the dynamics of magmatic systems that feed volcanic eruptions.  In particular I am interested in how the rate of magma injections in the Earth’s crust impacts the physical and chemical evolution of volcanoes. Understanding the conditions that govern volcano evolution is crucial in order to advance the interpretation of monitoring signals that could stem from volcanic unrest.  

Currently, I am working on Volcan Xinantécatl, a large long-lived stratovolcano in the highland of Central Mexico. I combine geological fieldwork and geochemical microanalysis with computational modeling in order to identify the factors that control the volcano's life cycle.


Research Interests

  • Physical and chemical evolution of volcanoes
  • Timescales of magmatic processes
  • Linking petrology and volcano monitoring
  • Impact of eruptions on climate and human history



  • Physical Volcanology
  • Petrology of magmatic rocks
  • Volcanological Fieldcamp

Recent Publications