Guy Simpson


Rue des Maraîchers 13, Office 404A

022 379 66 15


Research Interests

I have a deep interest in the functioning of Earth processes that I investigate by developing physically-based numerical models. My approach is to identify the main processes governing a  phenomenon (such as an earthquake), develop a mathematical model describing the processes taking place and investigate system behaviour by performing numerical experiments with the aid of modern computers. Domains of special interest include earthquakes, mountain building, deformation in fold and thrust belts and accretionary prisms, foreland basins,  sediment routing systems and landscape evolution. I also work with others on tsunamis, avalanches in granular media, volcanism, heat transfer in the crust  and fluid flow in porous media.

Simulation of eroding topography

Current Research

I am currently developing two- and three-dimensional mechanical models to better understand the link between earthquakes and the deformation and stress state that accumulates over multiple seismic cycles (from hundreds to thousands of years).

If you are interested in learning more about some of the methods I develop, check out my recent book entitled "Practical Finite Element Modelling in Earth Science using Matlab" (Wiley).


 Dynamic rupture in earthquake simulation

Simulation of fingering instability between 2 miscible fluids in porous rock

Simulation of deformation in an eroding mountain belt

Recent Publications



Geological Mapping


Introduction to Computer Science

Data Analysis for Earth Scientists

Numerical Modelling in Earth Science

Basin Analysis


Tectonics and sedimentation along an active plate boundary NEW ZEALAND

12 Feb. 2012 - CUSO Doctoral Program