Rossana Martini


Rue des Maraîchers 13, Office 402B

+41 (0)22 379 66 12

The focus of my research is on:

  • Palaeoenvironmental and palaeogeographic evolution of the Tethyan margins and the Panthalassa Ocean
  • Carbonates from these marine systems as archives of the global biological and ecological crisis at both the Permian/Triassic and Triassic/Jurassic boundaries
  • Comparison at a high stratigraphic resolution between Tethyan and Panthalassan provinces to disentangle the factors controlling different organisms' distribution patterns and evolution
  • Taxonomy and systematics of foraminifers as a tool for assessing past depositional and ecological conditions
  • Delving deep into the Panthalassa Ocean - REEFCADE Project (see below) 

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Bachelor courses

(Cours et TP)

1ère année BSc

Evolution de la Vie II

1ère année BSc

Master courses

Biostratigraphy and Micropaleontology (Benthic Forams)

Master Module

Scanning Electron Microscopy

Master Module

Optical Cathodoluminescence

Master module


Géologie régionale
(Travaux de terrain)

1ère année BSc

Camp de Paléontologie (Travaux de terrain)

1ère année BSc

Grand camp de géologie (Travaux de terrain)

3ème année BSc