Extracting t-T histories using U-Pb 40Ar/39Ar FT to solve various structural and tectonic questions


Noble Gas

Noble Gas

The Noble Gas lab features two mass spectrometers: 1) Argus V (GV Instruments) gas source mass spectrometer equipped with five Faraday collectors, one 1E11 Ohm and four 1E12 Ohm feedback resistors. 2) Argus VI (Thermo Scientific) gas source mass spectrometers equipped with five Faraday collectors with four 1E13 and one 1E12 Ohm feedback resistors, and one secondary electron multiplier.

Ultra low pressure stainless steel extraction lines equipped with IR-CO2 infra-red lasers, and a resistance furnace on the Argus V, a Teledyne UV-laser on the Argus VI

Fission Track

Fission Track

Autoscan system consisting of one Zeiss Z1m Axio Imager microscope with translation stage.

The FT lab is operational and supervised by Dr. Diego Villagomez.

Currently Active Projects

Advancing Alkali Feldspar and Muscovite 40Ar/39Ar Thermochronology

PhD Student : Daniil Popov

Funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (no. 200021_160052)

Advancing U-Pb high temperature thermochronology by combining single grain and intra-grain dating

PhD Student : André Navin Paul

Funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (no. 200020_146332)

The Triassic – Cainozoic Tectonic History of the Antarctic Peninsula

PhD Student : Joaquin Bastias

Funded by the Chilean National Science Foundation and the Department of Earth Sciences (UNIGE)

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