Limnogeology and Geomicrobiology


ICDP Drilling Projects

  • The Dead Sea Deep Drilling Project (DSDDP)
  • The Potrok-Aike Maar Lake Sediments Archive Drilling Project (PASADO)
  • The Lake Petén-Itza (Guatemala)
  • Lake Towiti, Indonesia
  • Que Coisa: The Côlonia Project, Brazil

Other Lake projects

  • Quantifying human impact and recent climate change using clastic sediments from lacustrine records in Western Switzerland
  • BANBU: Holocene climate change in the Mediterranean Basin across an East to West gradient


  • Microbial carbonates in Northern Patagonian lakes
  • Microbial role in freshwater carbonate ooid precipitation

More Projects

  • Paleoenvironmental record of Lake Chad sediments
  • The canyons of the Rhone delta (Lake Geneva): Formation, sedimentation, stability, mass flows
  • A multibeam-bathymetric device to acquire high-resolution lake floor morphologic data
  • The paleoenvironmental record of Lake Trasimeno (central Italy) since the early Pleistocene
  • The Late-Glacial environmental history of Val-de-Travers (Swiss Jura) from pollen, ostracod and charophyte assemblages
  • Evaluation du risque lié à un tsunami généré par un glissement sous-lacustre dans le delta du Rhône (Lac Léman).
  • Prévenir un désastre écologique ? Le cas des munitions militaires englouties dans les lacs suisses ?