Petrology and Volcanology

Magmatic, volcanic and metamorphic processes control the chemical evolution of our planet, the distribution of natural resources, and some of the risks associated with Earth's dynamic evolution. The focus of the research in magmatic petrology is to improve our understanding of magmas migration, emplacement and eruption. In metamorphic petrology, we study P-T-t-paths in high-grade metamorphic rocks and fluid-rock interaction during prograde and retrograde metamorphism. Our approach is based on fieldwork, optical microscopy and chemical analyses and target the understanding of the physical processes occurring during metamorphism or controlling the frequency and magnitude of volcanic eruptions.

Magma fluxes and recurrence rate of volcanic eruptions

Determining the relationships between fluxes of magma from depth, the physical properties of magma and the frequency and magnitude of volcanic eruptions.

Architecture of magmatic reservoirs

Magma reservoirs in the Earth’s crust are thermally and chemically heterogeneous. We will use cross-correlation of chemical profiles in minerals to produce a quantitative image of such heterogeneities.

Melt Segregation

Segregation of melt from crystallizing magmas. Identifying the mechanisms responsible for this process will help understanding how magmas fractionate in the crust.

Takidani Granodiorite

The magma chamber that fed a super-eruption. A study of the youngest exposed magma chamber on Earth to understand the conditions required for a super-eruption to occur.

Island Arc Volcanism

Petrology and volcanology along the active Colombian arc. This study aims at understanding the relationship between subduction architecture and volcanic activity. (collaboration with Geological Survey of Colombia)

Clay transformation during low grade metamorphism and hydrothermal alteration

Thermal evolution and clay mineral associations of the Torres del Paine Complex. This project aims to investigate transformation processes of clay minerals in the upper Jurassic to Tertiary stratigraphic record of the Patagonian fault-and-thrust belt (southern Chile).

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