Mineral resources: exhaustion is just a myth

In contrast to recent articles announcing that deposits of mineral raw materials (copper, zinc, etc.) will be exhausted within a few decades, an international team including Lluís Fontboté (UNIGE) has shown that the resources of most mineral commodities are sufficient to sufficient to supply countless future generation  as long as there is a major effort in exploration. Future shortages will arise not from physical exhaustion of different metals but from causes related to industrial exploitation, the economy, and environmental or societal pressures on the use of mineral resources. The report can be read in the April issue of the journal Geochemical Perspectives (http://www.geochemicalperspectives.org/).

Article (PDF):  Arndt, N.T., Fontboté, L., Hedenquist, J.W., Kesler, S.E., Thompson, J.F.H., and Wood, D.G., 2017, Future Global Mineral Resources: Geochemical Perspectives, v. 6, no. 1, p. 1-171

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May 31, 2017