Workshop: Flood in a warmer world: insight from paleohydrology

During the last 11-13 of November, the Earth Science Department hosted the first workshop of the second phase of the PAGES Flood Working Group (FWG). More than 30 researcher from different countries were discussed how the gathered information from past flood events can contribute to a better understanding of future flood hazard. Among others, the workshop also count with the contribution from United Nations Environment Program representative.

In the next three years, the FWG will continue to work on the main defined topics, namely: i) to provide a robust paleoflood database at Global scale; ii) to improve methodologies to integrate and analysis paleoflood data; iii) to promote the advantages of evidence-base flood assessment on Disaster Risk Reduction.

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If you want to get involve, please contact to Juan Antonio Ballesteros Canovas.

November 20, 2019