Welcome to the Section of Earth and Environmental Sciences


Our mission is to document and understand the geological and environmental functioning of our planet, to monitor and predict its evolution, and to inform society about its natural and energy resources, as well as the risks and impacts associated with natural and man-made phenomena. With "Earth System Science" at the heart of our research and educational programs, we train teachers, researchers and professionals capable of transmitting a vision that integrates sustainable human activity and respect for our planet. Our founding values are scientific excellence, innovation and service.


 The Section of Earth and Environmental Sciences of the University of Geneva encompasses a rich diversity of scientific expertise in a number of fields. These range from processes in the deep Earth (tectonics, volcanism, continent formation, ore deposits) to the land surface, the hydrosphere, and the evolution of life, both in the geological past and in the present, as well as at the interface between geo-environments and human society. Faculty members, post-doctoral, doctoral and master students build a lively international and dynamic teaching and research community, hosted by the Department of Earth Sciences (DESTE) and the Department F.-A. Forel for Environmental and Aquatic Sciences (DEFSE), which focuses on environmental research.

Teaching and research activities benefit from a network of partnerships in and outside of the University of Geneva, and along the Léman Geneva, including the interfaculty Institute of Environmental Sciences (ISE) and the Lemanic School of Earth Sciences (ELSTE), in partnership with the University of Lausanne. Our teaching includes a Bachelor in Earth and Environmental Sciences, a Master degree in Geology (in the framework of the ELSTE), a Master in Environmental Sciences (MUSE), in the framework of the ISE), and a Master in Prehistoric Archeology (in co-operation with the Biology section of the Faculty of Science). Those interested in combining skills can follow the bi-disciplinary Master that opens a pathway to teach at the secondary school level. We also offer specialized certificates in Geological and Climate Related Risks (CERG-C), and Geomatics (in co-operation with the Department of Geography and Environment).

We are proud of our scientific activity in a wide field of basic and applied research, which is supported by generous competitive funding from national and international sources. Our research activities benefit from direct access to state-of-the-art analytical facilities at both the Universities of Geneva and Lausanne, which offer excellent conditions for our research and education programs. We believe that the high level of our academic educational program opens a wealth of professional opportunities in industry, government and academia, to our students.

Being a part of a Faculty of Science that is known for its scientific excellence, one of our main aims is to transmit a passion for science to motivated young people, especially in those disciplines that have societal relevance such as natural resources, climate change, geological hazards, and energy. This is achieved by competent teaching and research together with numerous outreach activities.


Section of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Presidency  : S. Castelltort

Vice-presidency : M. Stoffel

Administrator : E. Lagut

Secretariat - administration : P. Romagnoli


Shared services :

Library : A. Piguet, V. Vazquez

Informatics : M. Daoudi

XRF-XRD lab : A. De Haller

Electro-mechanical technician: F. Arlaud