Earth Surface Dynamics


Landscape Evolution and Mountain Building

We use numerical models, analogue experiments and field observations to study the processes that build and sculpt topography to better understand how landscapes record climate and tectonics.

Surface Dynamics LAB

Laboratory sediment-water flumes are used to study river response to environmental perturbations, horizontal and vertical motion of river beds and controls on planform channel geometry and fluvial stratigraphy.

Earth Surface Signalling Systems

We investigate the functioning of Earth surface systems in response to climate and tectonic perturbations in order to understand mass-transfer signals from source to sink.

Foreland Basin Studies

Field based studies in Iran, Taiwan, the Spanish Pyrenees, the Apennines and Central Asia are conducted to investigate the sedimentary record of mountain building and climate in foreland basins and fold-thrust belts.

Extreme Events

We study rapid mass fluxes at Earth's surface, such as landslides and tsunamis, which are a hazard to humans and make up an important part of the geological record.