Laura Pioli

Research Associate

Rue des Maraîchers 13, Office 103

022 379 30 63

My Research

I am a physical volcanologist. My research field focuses on the dynamics of explosive volcanism, and the role of pre-eruptive processes in the onset and style of eruptions. I am focusing on active volcanoes, with the aim of understanding and quantifying the main factors controlling eruptive style, paroxysmal events and their precursors. My primary goal is to improve our capability of forecasting explosive behavior and produce more accurate hazard assessment models. In particular, I am interested in studying shallow processes acting within the main volcanic edifice which can be recorded in the pyroclasts, and monitored by seismic, infrasound and geochemical arrays. My objective is to make fundamental steps forward in the quantification and understanding of explosive volcanism through the implementation of multidisciplinary strategies, coupling monitoring, fluid dynamic models and stratigraphic studies.

Research Interests

  • Physical Volcanology
  • Magma degassing
  • Volcanic Hazard

Lecturer Assistant


  • Fluid and Granular Flow dynamics
  • Introduction to fluid flow for geologists
  • Volcano Fieldtrip
  • Volcanic Rocks
  • Volcanic Risk


Fragmentation efficiency of basaltic magmas

Two-phase flow dynamics in conduit flows



Recent Publications