About us

The deanship of the Faculty of Sciences has decided to strengthen support for technology transfer and in particular the creation of startups based on technologies from its laboratories and from all areas by creating the Science Innovation Hub. 

The Hub can be seen as a deep science pre-incubator, whose goal is to support researchers to exploit the commercial potential of their high level fundamental research carried out at the Faculty through the society.

By joining the Hub, young entrepreneurs will have the possibility to test and develop their business idea, by creating a proof-of-concept or a prototype and to meet experts from domains such as business, industry, or intellectual property but also incubator coaches. The Hub is an unique opportunity for networking with Geneva and Swiss innovation ecosystem, just in the center of the Faculty. Interested to transform your idea into a product/service? You should apply to Prix Innosciences! 

Nevertheless, the Hub is a plateform open to all people wishing to know more about the creation of startups and periodic theme meeting will be organized and open to everyone.


Want to join?