Nucleate Switzerland

Interested in commercialising your revolutionary Biotech idea? Apply to our Activator program!!

Nucleate is a global, student-run non-profit organization that facilitates the formation of new life science ventures [see our stories in STAT, Endpoints, and the Boston Business Journal]. We are excited to announce the opening of applications for Nucleate Switzerland Activator Program. Our Activator Program provides education and support for academic trainees and investigators, like yourself, who are eager to turn their research into a company. Our program allows you to apply with or without an idea as a technology, business, or clinical applicant.

As a technology applicant with an idea, you can apply for our Bio track which is designed for trainees who are interested in therapeutics, diagnostics, or tools.

As a technical, business, or clinical applicant without an idea, you can match with any of the tech teams through our match-making process. We would be more than happy to chat with over Zoom if you would like more information about the program!

Please apply here: Activator Application

Additionally, we will also be having a virtual information session on 6th October: 

It’ll be a great opportunity to learn more about Nucleate’s mission, the Activator Program, as well as network with our regional leadership team. Information about these info sessions in Switzerland can be found on our LinkedIn page or you can reach out to us at Switzerland(at)nucleate.xyz.

Sep 28, 2023