Omar Montero Dominguez

M. Omar Montero Dominguez


6ème étage A601

Omar Montero started his PhD at the Energy Systems group of the University of Geneva in 2020. His research focuses on the integration of air-water heat pumps (> 50 kW) in the existing building stock. The research topics are:

  • Monitoring campaign of pilot projects with high capacity air-water heat pumps in existing residential buildings (retrofitted and non-retrofitted)
  • Develop standard hydraulic diagrams to integrate bivalent or monovalent air-water heat pumps in the multifamily buildings (MB)  – AirBival project
  • Simulation (TRNSYS software) of the technical system (hydraulic and regulation) in order to identify the most influential parameters and optimize them
  • Cascade operation of air-water heat pumps (cascade project)
  • Economic and environmental aspect of air-water heat pumps systems ( (50>kW) in MB (monovalent and bivalent)

Chemical engineer from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). He obtained his Master's degree in environmental science at the University of Geneva (energy option). In partnership with SIG eco-21, he focused his master thesis on the replacement of boilers by high-powered air-water heat pump in existing residential buildings.

In parallel to his PhD, he is part of the “Chaleur renouvelable Bâtiments” team of SIG eco-21. He focuses in the optimization and monitoring of new projects with air-water heat pumps systems in the multifamily buildings stock.