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Réseaux thermiques 4ème génération, basse température, efficacité énergétique



The project focuses on developing a transformation roadmap for the technology shift from one generation of district heating to another. The focus is the transformation from second generation (2GDH) and third generation (3GDH) systems using high and medium supply and return temperatures for heat distribution to fourth generation (4GDH) systems using lower supply and return temperatures. Additionally some experiences for transforming first generation (1GDH) systems will be presented.

The transformation roadmap will be elaborated building on seven research issues. It will be based on results from earlier research projects and experiences gained from operation of existing district heating systems. The transformation roadmap overview will provide unique insights and information.

The main benefit of this project will be a clearer overview of the steps required to transform district heating nets for the future. It is intended as a tool to support the future competitiveness of district heating.


Illustration of the concept of 4th Generation District Heating in comparison to the previous three generations (source : LUND et al, 2014, 4th Generation District Heating (4GDH) Integrating smart thermal grids into future sustainable energy systems, Energy 68)