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Steering tool for building energy efficiency improvements at a large scale

Acronyme: STEER-Retrofit

Mots clés
Saving potential, Swiss building stock, steering tool, massive retrofit

Cadre du projet

Swiss Competence Center for Energy Research on Future Energy Efficient Buildings & Districts (SCCER FEEB&D), WP4, Task 4.3.2

Jad Khoury, Pierre Hollmuller, Stefan Schneider

Responsable du projet
Pierre Hollmuller


The vision of the Swiss Competence Center for Energy Research on Future Energy Efficient Buildings & Districts (SCCER FEEB&D) is to develop solutions for the Swiss building stock which will lead to a reduction of the environmental footprint of the sector by a factor of three by 2035.

The objective of this task is to assess and compare the theoretical and realistic energy saving potentials resulting from massive retrofit of the existing Swiss building stock. Within this task, we developed a steering tool that allows calculating the theoretical and the realistic heat saving potential for the Swiss building stock. The tool is based on following studies / inputs: i) GIS heat demand database of the Swiss building stock (Task 3.1.2 D34); ii) characterization of performance gap in building retrofit (task 4.3.1 D70).

As a complement, we provided methodological support to the « Onex Renove » project. This pilot project, which is led by the State of Geneva and the municipality of Onex, aims to facilitate the participation of building owners and managers in a large-scale energy retrofit program in the suburbs of Geneva.

  • Highlight 1: Steering tool and Performance Gap.  Potential impact on the Swiss Energy Strategy 2050 Retrofit strategies: guideline and application cases
  • Highlight 2: Retrofit strategies: guideline and application cases: Design and implementation of large scale retrofit program at municipal level


Khoury, J., Hollmuller, P., Schneider, S. (2017). Deliverable Report D71 on Steering tool for massive retrofit of the existing building stock and development of scenarios. Swiss Competence Center for Energy Research. January 2017, Geneva.

Schneider S., Khoury J., Lachal B., Hollmuller P. (2016). Geo-dependent heat demand model of the swiss building stock. Sustainable built environment regional conference. SBE 2016, Zurich, June 15-17 2016.

Khoury J., Lachal B., Hollmuller P. (2015). Analyse typologique et énergétique des bâtiments de la Cité nouvelle d'Onex : dans le cadre de l'accompagnement méthodologique pour la mise en place d'un programme de rénovation thermique de la Cité d'Onex. Projet pilote ONEX RENOVE. Université de Genève.


Debut: January 2014
Fin: December 2016