Seventh East-West Symposium of New Testament Scholars in Moscow (26.9.-1.10.2016)

Rabens Report on the Seventh East-West Symposium of New Testament Scholars in Moscow

International Conference on the occasion of the opening of the Biblical Institute at the University of Belgrade

Conférence internationale à l'occasion de l'ouverture de l'Institut biblique à l'Université de Belgrade

From 10 till 13 September 2015, the Faculty of Orthodox Theology at the University of Belgrade hosted an international conference on the relevant topic of contemporary biblical theology, entitled: Christ of the Sacred Stories. The primary importance of this scholarly assembly is reflected through interactive considerations of Christ’s images in the sacred stories of biblical writers and ecclesial traditions, which in a rare manner suits the encountering of Eastern and Western exegetes in the city of everlasting encounter and under the vaults of the school of theology, which in itself comprehends both East and West.

In addition to the prominent scholarly relevance, this conference conjoined the following triad of objectives, as well. First of all, it was the opening of the first Serbian Biblical Institute, whose mission of inspiring regional ecclesial, scholarly and cultural spirit naturally seeks cooperation with the conference participants and their home institutions; then, this assembly created an opportunity for expressing gratitude to New Testament scholar from the University of Bern, Ulrich Luz, for his decision to donate his rarely extensive library to the newly established Institute (to which special significance is given by the more than a century long affinity of the theological tradition of Bern towards that of Serbia); and finally, the entire assembly was a worthy way of thanksgiving to Bishop Irinej Bulovic for the contribution to Serbian New Testament scholarship through his professorship, the result of which is the Biblical Institute with its human and technical resources.

With the donation of Ulrich Luz and a number of further but smaller contingents of books, the Biblical Institute in Belgrade now possess a strong core of a research library. But it must also be noted an urgent need for publications from the field of the Old Testament. Certain steps to start filling this vast and highly problematic gap in our stockings have already been undertaken, and the stuff of the institute would be most grateful in particular to our colleagues from Western Europe for their advice and support on these matters.

September 10, 2015, Predrag Dragutinović

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Symposium Belgrade 2013

“The Holy Spirit and the Church according to the New Testament”
International conference, Eastern Europe Liaison Committee (EELC) of the SNTS
August 25 to 31, 2013

The Eastern Europe Liaison Committee (EELC) of the SNTS is currently organising its sixth international conference, which will be held at the Faculty of Theology of the State University of Belgrade (Serbia), August 25 to 31, 2013, and is officially supported by his Eminence Bishop Irinej of Novi Sad and Backa, Professor of New Testament at the above Faculty.

The theme of the conference is “The Holy Spirit and the Church according to the New Testament”. There will be ten main papers given by Orthodox and "Western", i.e. Catholic or Protestant, New Testament scholars from various European countries as well as from the United States. In addition there will be three seminars, each chaired by three scholars of various geographical and denominational background. Bishop Irinej will give the introductory lecture, while Prof. N.T. Wright will give a public lecture on the occasion of the 1.700 years from the Edict of Milan. Parts of the program are group discussions and plenary meetings as well as meetings with students of the local Theological Faculty. On the 28th of August the Serbian-Orthodox Church celebrates the Dormition of the Mother of God. On that day there will be an excursion to Novi Sad, which will include attending the Orthodox Liturgy in the Cathedral and visting the Kovilj monastery. After the conference there will be optional excursions in Serbia, Croatia and/or Slovenia.


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