We gratefully acknowledge our financial supporters:

Foundation endowments
Volkswagen Foundation (Hannover, Germany); Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach Foundation (Essen, Germany); Renovabis Foundation (Regensburg, Germany); West-East Encounters Foundation (Berlin, Germany); Foundation for Historical and Ecumenical Theology (Bern, Switzerland); Evenaid Foundation (Chur, Switzerland); Ch. Veillon Foundation (Lausanne, Switzerland); Karl Popper Foundation (Zug, Switzerland); Princeton Theological Seminary (Princeton, NJ, USA); Society of Biblical Literature (Atlanta, GA, USA); Artos Zois (Athens, Greece); Biblical Association of Catalonia (Barcelona, Spain)

Bistum Basel-Solothurn (Switzerland); The Evangelical Reformed Church (Zurich, Switzerland); Evangelische Kirche in Deutschland; Diakonisches Werk Evangelischer Kirchen in Mitteldeutschland (Halle, Germany)

The Society for New Testament Studies
SNTS members from Switzerland, Germany, Holland, United Kingdom, Japan, and the United States have made financial contributions to the libraries.

Special Thanks

  • Prof. Anton Vögtle (formerly of Freiburg), Prof. Manfred Weise (formerly of Jena), Prof. Nikolaus Walter (of Naumburg), and Prof. Traugott Holtz (formerly of Halle) donated their entire private libraries to the Eastern European Libraries project. Other SNTS colleagues have given considerable portions of their private libraries.
  • Publishing houses in Germany, The Netherlands, England, Scotland, Switzerland, and the United States have made generous donations through direct gifts or discounted prices on books in their publication lists.
  • Several other scholars in the fields of Old Testament, Jewish Studies, and New Testament have send books from their private libraries.
  • The staffs of the St. Petersburg and Sofia libraries have worked very hard, often under difficult circumstances and with exceptionally modest pay, to establish and build their respective collections.