Sofia Library

The biblical library project of Sofia is an initiative of the international Society for New Testament Studies (SNTS), in cooperation with several universities, including Bern (Switzerland), Jena (Germany), and Durham (U.K.).

The library possesses about 8,000 books and periodicals related to the Old and New Testaments, the history of the Bible and its translation, early Israelite history and Jewish literature. The books in this collection are written in German, French, English, Greek, and Bulgarian. A complete computerized catalog, which is regularly updated, facilitates scholarly work. Users are also assisted by members of the Bibliotheca Biblica staff. The library also provides information on recently published books and articles related to theology.

We welcome inquiries about our collection or research related topics. These can be sent to us by email or regular mail.

Visitors are welcome!

Collegium Biblicum

In March, 2002, members of the Sofia Bibliotheca Biblica established the Collegium Biblicum Bulgaricum. As a legally registered organization, the Collegium Biblicum can engage in commercial activities.

The goals of the program include:

  • publication of writings related to the biblical disciplines
  • publication of materials written by members of the Collegium
  • dissemination of the results of biblical scholarship to a wider public
  • cultivation of friends and supporters of biblical scholarship

All Bulgarian biblical scholars, including men and women with various confessional affiliations, can be members of the Collegium. Regular meetings are held for members of the Collegium.

Business affairs of the Collegium are coordinated by Prof. I. Z. Dimitrov, the Venerable Prof. N. Schivarov, E. Damjanova (Doctoral student), and Dr I. Naydenov (Assistant).

The Collegium Biblicum meets monthly. Those who have done advanced graduate work in the fields of Old Testament, New Testament, and Early Judaism, and who are interested in participating in the Collegium should contact Prof. Dimitrov Email or one of the members of the Bibliotheca Biblica in Sofia.

The Collegium Biblicum works in cooperation with the faculty of the university, especially in the fields of Church History and Biblical Theology, and with the Bulgarian Bible Society.