Welcome to the Faculty of Theology at the University of Geneva

PhD program

PhD_program_04.jpgWhy do a PhD in Geneva?

Doing a PhD in Theology at the University of Geneva has some significant advantages:

  • Tuition fees are significantly lower than in most Western countries (especially anglophone countries). For Bachelor and Master programs, tuition fees amount to around 1'000 CHF per year (ca. 1'040 USD). For the PhD program, the tuition feee is around 565 CHF per year (ca. 580 USD) for the first and last year, and aroud 130 CHF (ca. 135 USD) per year for the other years.
  • English is accepted for all PhD dissertations.
  • Our staff is eager to offer a stimulating academic context and to be of assistance regarding all administrative aspects (enrollment process, housing opportunities, grants, etc.).
  • Strong international and ecumenical links exist between our Faculty, the Ecumenical Institute of Bossey and the World Council of Churches.
  • Geneva is one of the most international cities in the world with a large English speaking community and numerous international organizations (United Nations, International Red Cross, etc.).
  • If you don't intend to reside in Geneva: our PhD program does not require living in Geneva.

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More information on the CUSO website, here.